No Limits Overland Review of August Explorer box

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Check them out at @nolimitsoverland or here.

Below is our review of our August Explorer Box from @getlostbox 
We were so excited to receive our @getlostbox the anticipation almost killed us waiting on the box but it was well worth the wait when we opened up the box to see what was inside. That was one of my favorite parts about the box was opening it up and seeing all that was inside. The surprise of opening something you have no clue about whats inside never gets old. If you love surprises and opening what feels like a Christmas present every month I'd recommend in signing up, but the contents is really what you should sign up for. They packed in some quality products in this months box, a dry sack from North Scout was a pleasant and much-needed surprise it will come in handy in so many situations, waterproof matches in a waterproof container from @ucogear , an awesome med kit from @adventuremedicalkits which was much needed in one of our team rigs I'd recommend everyone to get a medical kit and carry one no matter if you're on the trails, camping or just driving around the daily because you never know what could happen. Also inside was a Tac-Bar and Tac-H2O from @tacticalfoods both in waterproof packing. The Tac-Bar provides a whole days worth of food with 2500 calories and a shelf life of 5 years, and since you'll be thirsty from eating the Tac-Bar you'll have some water purification tablets if you have no clean water around to drink. 
If you haven't signed up for September @getlostbox we would highly recommend it. Hope everyone enjoyed our review of this box and sign up to get an Explorer or Overlander box from @getlostbox

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