Proven Overland Review of the July Overlander box

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From Proven Overland


We just got our Get Lost Box and are super excited about this new company. @Getlostbox uses the subscription business model to curate awesome overland gear in a monthly package to help you get outdoors. My first hesitation with this idea was “what if I already have the stuff that I get in the box?”. I was pleasantly surprised to find every item being something I would likely use up and need to buy again or an item I would be more than happy to have another of! This box included a portable USB battery pack, Gerber pocket knife, flexible USB LED light strip, multipurpose repair tape, and best of all, a couple light pods by Extreme LED - all packaged in a box full of fire starting material. #gogreen 


The big question is, do the savings from buying a monthly package justify forking over $54.99 for the Explorer or $124.99 for the Overlander? For most people - yes. For some - maybe.  If you are just getting into an outdoor/adventure lifestyle, this is a great place to start. If you ordered the July subscription box, you would have saved over $30 on gear! It’s also a perfect gift to get any outdoor enthusiast you might know. However, if you are a well equipped overlander who is also very budget conscious and you make purchases purely out of necessity, this might not be for you. As I mentioned before, each item in the box was something I found exciting, interesting, and useful and I absolutely feel the value exceeds the cost. 



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As a full disclosure, I received this box with the expectation of writing and sharing a review. At Proven Overland, we make it our goal to provide our viewers with the best quality images, content, and gear and we are proud to present the subscription box the overland community has been waiting for!


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